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From now on, we don’t say internet, we say cloud. “To cloud” means to put something into the internet. To cloud something into the cloud, somewhere, sometime, somehow by someone, things will be exposed. In contrast to the possibility of leaks, to cloud something into the cloud, it allows you to get this thing anytime, anywhere by any device in any situation. If you want to live easier, you should be smarter. You should be smart enough to put something into the cloud when nobody discovered its existence. On the contrary, if you want to live in the hard way, you should put everything into the cloud, letting everyone, every time and everywhere knowing what you’ve done and where you’ve been. However, the cloud is too big that your influence is too small to get yourself noticed by others.

If you can manage the cloud in the way that you can influence the cloud to get yourself being noticed by other or you can hide yourself in the cloud without a trace, you are the god/goddess of the cloud. Now, I’ll tell you, the god/goddess of the cloud is more influential than a leader of any country or empire.

It is now the age of cloud and the empire of cloud is growing bigger each day. You can be one of the citizens in the cloud, and you are free to choose: noticed by the cloud, hide inside the cloud. It is up to you if you are knowledge enough to do so. One day, you may be powerful enough to rule the cloud, my lord.

Wish the cloud is with you.
By Cloud-gen, guy from cloudgeneration


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