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I've just received a press release from Packt about the latest 
jQuery Campaign. Here is the press release:

Packt celebrates jQuery in October with exclusive book offer

Packt has this week announced a series of discounts and 
promotions to herald the publication of the Learning jQuery, 
Third Edition in October. Packt will offer readers the exclusive 
discounts of 20% and 30% off the cover price of all jQuery print 
books, including the just published third edition of the Learning 
jQuery book, for limited period only.

jQuery is a powerful, yet easy-to-use JavaScript library that helps 
web developers and designers add dynamic, interactive elements to 
their sites, smoothing out browser inconsistencies and greatly 
reducing development time.

Learning jQuery, Third Edition, written by Jonathan Chaffer, 
Karl Swedberg, is revised and updated for version 1.6 of jQuery. 
Readers will learn the basics of jQuery for adding interactions 
and animations to their pages. Even if previous attempts at writing 
JavaScript have left one baffled, this book will guide them past the 
pitfalls associated with AJAX, events, effects, and advanced JavaScript 
language features.

“jQuery is one of the topics Packt remains committed to publishing on, 
offering more interesting books that will help the diverse needs of 
jQuery users. The set of jQuery related books we’ve recently published 
shows our continued commitment to the topic area, and we intend to 
publish important jQuery books, such as the Learning jQuery, Third Edition, 
for a long time to come”, said Packt Open Source publisher Doug Paterson.

For more information on jQuery October and the discounts being offered 
throughout October, please visit: 

- https://www.packtpub.com/news/jquery-month

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