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如果您在使用Google DoubleClick for publsher(DFP Ad,Google 提供的公開的點擊廣告統計)來管理您自己網站的廣告。在時發覺看不到廣告時,總想找出問題的原因。Google DoubleClick for publisher所使用的程式碼叫做Google Publisher Tag,在運行過程中,會將所發生的問題的時間、狀況記錄下來。

If you are using “Google DoubleClick for publisher” to manage your own advertisement in your website, sometimes you may want to find out the reasons behind when your ads don’t work. The library for managing “Google DoubleClick for Publisher” is called “Google Publisher Tag”. During the operation of “Google Publisher Tag”, every error will be logged into its own logging system.

要如何查看Google Publisher Tag的運行的記錄呢?它放置在googletag.getEventLog().H之內。

The “Google Publisher Tag” store the event log in googletag.getEventLog().H

用Google Chrome打開Console打入以下的指令:
Use google chrome and turn on the “Console” and enter the following command:


Google Publisher Tag Log


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